The North End Connect project Commisioned renowned local Indigenous artist Leticia Spence to create a meaningful symbol to represent the project. The logo utilizes imagery from the Bell Tower on Selkirk Avenue surrounded by a star blanket pattern. The
star blanket represents Sky Woman’s agreement with Grandmother Spider to come down and live upon the earth. They are often gifted to people to honour that person, show respect and admiration, and are a tradition built on generosity. The colour palette is rich, with deeper purples and a golden yellow to provide that contrast, highlighting the tower and the tips of the star blanket.

The bell, now in the Selkirk Tower, was first purchased in 1877 and served in Winnipeg’s Old Market Square and the City Hall nicknamed the “Gingerbread House” for its unique style. For over two decades it rang at noon time, fifteen minutes before stores closed, and fifteen minutes before school started. There were also special occasions such as when the funeral corteges of prominent citizens passed city hall on the way to or from the train station and when political figures died. The bell served as the first form of wireless communication in the city and is an important icon in its new home in the North End.