The Internet Society (ISOC) is driven by a singular mission: to uphold an open and transparent Internet shaped by its users. More than a catalyst for technological advancements, ISOC is dedicated to nurturing the continuous growth and evolution of the Internet, transforming it into a dynamic platform for global innovation, economic development, and societal progress.

Globally acknowledged as the preeminent source and authority on Internet-related policies, technology standards, and future development, ISOC boasts a membership of over 100,000 individuals spread across 129 chapters worldwide. Through its wealth of expertise in policy, technology, and communications, ISOC actively contributes to the ongoing evolution of the Internet, serving as a pivotal force in shaping its future.


Since its establishment in 2021 as the Manitoba Chapter of the Internet Society, ISOC Manitoba has dedicated itself to fostering an open and transparent internet. Actively engaged in advocating for internet development and utilization, we strive to empower Manitobans and our neighbors through the promotion of technology and related services.

ISOC Manitoba upholds a steadfast commitment to the principles of universality, ensuring a geographically distributed network of access points with a fair and reasonable pricing structure. Central to our mission is the encouragement of internet adoption by users, achieved through learning and mastering the use of associated tools and services.



Enabling Equitable Digital Access and Inclusion

The mission of the Internet Society Manitoba Chapter is to champion the principles of an open and accessible internet. We are dedicated to fostering digital literacy, advocating for widespread internet connectivity, and ensuring the inclusive use of technology across Manitoba. Through collaborative initiatives and community engagement, we strive to empower individuals and communities, bridging the digital divide and promoting a connected, informed, and resilient society.

Members of the Board/Officers

Jim Forestell


Kathy Knight


Bill Murdoch

Vice Chair

Joel Templeman

Executive Director

Kiley Bender

Chair of the Board of Directors

Past Board Members


Dr. Wayne Kelly

Nathan Snider

Bradley Hampson