Canada’s (Dis)connected Rural Broadband Policies

Authors: Ashleigh Weeden and our very own Dr. Wayne Kelly bring us a policy review of critical issues in Canadian rural broadband policy and investment programs. More than ever, this timely paper reminds us that action is needed to focus on improving connections not increasing profits. 

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Overcoming Digital Divides:
What We Heard and Recommendations

In 2021, with the Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, First Nations Technology Council, and Simon Fraser University’s Public Square, Ryerson Leadership Lab held a six-part workshop series that explored the challenges and solutions to close Canada’s digital divides and expand meaningful digital inclusion for all people.

This new report summarizes the main themes and findings from the series, and shares new data from Statistics Canada’s latest survey.

Ryerson Leadership Lab found that the digital divide in Canada is not just an urban-rural infrastructure problem: rather, digital exclusion is driven by a series of divides correlated with socio-economic and demographic factors.

Manitoba Chapter Fires Up !

It is with my great pleasure that I can finally announce that the Internet Society Manitoba Chapter has been fully approved and is now officially a member of the worldwide network of local ISOC Chapters.

In November 2020, a group of twenty-five founding members began what became a long journey to formally establish a chapter serving the Manitoba region. Of those founding members, seven volunteered their time and formed the first Executive Committee in January 2021. The following several months consisted of administrative tasks and networking with other non-profits in the province. A special thank you goes out to Kiley Bender (Board Chair), Bradley Hampson (Vice-Chair), Jim Forestell (Secretary), Kathy Knight (Treasurer), Wayne Kelly (Board Member), and Nathan James (Board Member) for their time and commitment in seeing this formation through. Our first AGM will be held this October. More information will be provided in the next update.
We would like to thank the Internet Society International, and the existing Canada Chapter and Quebec Chapter for all their support and efforts in promoting open, accessible Internet for everyone. We are excited to get down to work. 
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Joel Templeman, CD, MPA, BEd
Executive Director
Internet Society Manitoba Chapter