The North End Connect Project.

A Community Network in the heart of Winnipeg.

When a community comes together it can take on any challenge. In the North End of Winnipeg, that challenge is equitable access to the Internet. 

Join us as we take a quick look at the North End Connect project as it works with the community to increase access to free computers, free and accessible digital skills training, and low cost/no-cost access to internet connectivity.

Hear from Joel Templeman the Executive Director of the Internet Society Manitoba Chapter and the North End Connect Project Manager, Shelley Anderson the Coordinator for Indigenous Vision for the North End, Justin Menard the Executive Director of Computers for Schools Manitoba, as well as community members like Maureen who have a vision for a time when safe access to the internet through accessible and appropriate devices becomes as common place as in the more affluent areas of the city. Like clean water, power, and roads – Internet is a Basic Service, a Human Right, and essential for participation in modern life. With more and more products and services moving 100% online, this is a project to combat a growing Digital Exclusion! Contact us if you want to contribute to the effort.